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Knife Training & Stick Training DVD's
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COUNTER-BLADE CONCEPTS (DVD, NTSC/U.S. standard) by Michael D. Janich 
Realistic Empty-Hand Tactics Against Edged-Weapon Attacks 
  Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) is a true system of defensive tactics designed to maximize your chances of survival against real edged-weapon attacks. It is based on more than 30 years of research and training in the world’s best knife and counter-knife arts, as well as a critical analysis of actual edged-weapon attacks. Renowned edged-weapon expert Michael Janich begins by teaching you how to minimize injury to yourself while quickly disabling your attacker to make your escape or draw your own weapon. If immediate escape isn’t possible, Janich shows you how to control and destroy the attacking limb while you bring a swift and decisive end to the fight, including methods of turning the blade back against your attacker. Finally, he shows you how to integrate these tactics into a comprehensive system designed to defeat knives, screwdrivers, box cutters and other edged weapons and the thugs who wield them. For information purposes only. Color, approx. 190 minutes. 
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ADVANCED FIGHTING FOLDERS (DVD, NTSC/U.S. standard) by Michael D. Janich 
State-of-the-Art Training and Tactics for the Defensive Use of Tactical Folding Knives  
  World-renowned knife expert Michael Janich takes his no-nonsense, get-home-alive folding knife tactics to the next level in this instructive DVD production from Paladin Press. Building on the foundation of technique established with his best-selling Fighting Folders, Janich continues your education through step-by-step instruction in knife fighting footwork, live-hand tactics, high-speed disarms and advanced reflex training drills. Janich teaches you how to turn theory into application, revealing the secrets of combat knife draws, tactical folder defenses from disadvantaged positions and the tactics of “Speed Stops” — lightning-fast defenses that immediately disable an attacker upon contact. Hone your defensive skills as sharp as your blade with this ultimate guide to the tactical folding knife. For academic study only. Color, approx. 150 min. total  
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MASTERING FIGHTING FOLDERS (DVD, NTSC/U.S. standard) by Michael D. Janich 
Secrets of Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting and Advanced Folding Knife Tactics 
  Recognized edged-weapon expert Michael Janich continues his best-selling Fighting Folders video series with this comprehensive course in reverse-grip knife tactics. Building upon the foundation of the first two volumes in the series, Janich first shows you how to adapt standard-grip knife skills to the body dynamics of reverse grip. He then presents step-by-step instruction in his combat-oriented variations of the classic Filipino reverse-grip training drills, including “Trap and Roll,” “Cover and Slash,” palisut and hubud. More importantly, he teaches you how to extract the appropriate skills from each of these drills so you can instantly and reflexively respond with the most effective technique in a defensive situation. Finally, he reveals the secrets of getting “up close and impersonal” with your knife work, integrating never-before-seen instruction in pentjak silat footwork and throwing technique with all the skills of the Fighting Folders series to create an unstoppable edged-weapon fighting system. Combining Janich’s proven instructional style, multiple camera angles and spectacular digital slow motion, this video sets a new standard in edged-weapon training videos. For information purposes only. . Color, approx. 150 min. 
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INSIDE THE CRUCIBLE, Vol. 3 (DVD, NTSC/U.S. standard) by Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover 
An Exclusive Look at Kelly McCann’s Individual Protective Measures Course Vol. 3: Situational Combatives and Knife Fighting 
  Paladin’s documentation of personal security and counterterrorism expert Kelly McCann’s in-your-face, combat-proven Individual Protective Measures Course continues in this third volume of the series. Drawing upon principles taught in his best-selling Combatives video series, McCann first teaches wall techniques: unarmed combative techniques designed to turn the tables on your attacker when he has you pinned against the wall with one or both hands. Next, he shows you how to deal effectively with a straight punch, perhaps the most difficult punch to defend against. From there, he goes into realistic unarmed defenses against shoulder weapons, such as rifles and shotguns. Then, for the first time captured on video, McCann teaches his no-nonsense knife fighting program, focusing on carry methods of the tactical folding knife, rapid opening and deployment when under attack, snap-cutting to keep your opponent at bay, use of the knife when closed and unarmed defense against knife attacks. For information purposes only. Color, approx. 80 min.   *** Note: The other volumes do not deal with knife training. *** 
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LEGACY OF STEEL (DVD, NTSC/U.S. Standard) by James A. Keating 
An Exclusive Look at James Keating’s Riddle of Steel Training Camp 
  Every year a diverse group gathers in a remote canyon in Idaho with one purpose in mind: to master the art of fighting with knives. Their destination is James Keating’s Riddle of Steel, a 4-day camp featuring the highest-speed tactical knife training available on the planet. Now you can share their experience at this legendary event. In this dynamic two-disc video set, Paladin gives you an exclusive look at the 10th anniversary Riddle of Steel. Keating and his COMTECH staff present detailed instruction in every aspect of fighting with and against edged weapons, including standard and reverse-grip Filipino knife fighting, Bowie-style knife dueling tactics, advanced reflex training drills and combat-proven empty-hand defenses against edged-weapon attacks. These videos also reveal the secrets of little-known techniques like non-telegraphic striking, “invisible” strikes and knife disarms with improvised weapons. For information purposes only. Color, approx. 150 min. total. 
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PRACTICAL KNIFE FIGHTING Vols. 1 & 2 (DVD, NTSC/U.S. standard) by Kelly Worden 
Advanced Concepts and Techniques 
  In Vol. 1 of Practical Knife Fighting, Datu Kelly S. Worden, one of the few modern masters of the art, reveals the secrets of using training dummies to perfect your technique and learn the intricacies of using a knife on a real target. Includes advanced live blade training methods and reverse-grip knife fighting instruction, as well as interviews with people who have witnessed the deadly effects of the knife firsthand. In Vol. 2, Worden covers blade handling, the eight angles of attack, footwork and mobility, the use of the "live" hand and combining cutting and thrusting actions devastate your attacker. For academic study only. Color, approx. 150 min. 
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- Teaching methodology explained. 
- Introduction to walking the blocks. 
- Applications demonstrated from sticks to batons. 
- Working on better foot work, folding, and strikes. 
This DVD is the next step after CONCEPTUAL STICK. It fine tunes the basics and brings in Sinawali which are actual drills you will do with a partner. Use it in conjunction with CONCEPTUAL STICK to see the "whole picture"; this will help you to avoid developing bad habits. 
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WATER & STEEL (DVD, NTSC/U.S. standard) by Datu Kelly S. Worden, Dr. Brett Jacques, and Sifu Joseph Simonet 
Inside Datu Kelly S Worden's Natural Spirit Training Camp 
  Here is an inside look at one of the most prestigious martial arts seminars in America, which made history in 1989 by bringing together three of Paladin’s most innovative martial arts authors. Datu Kelly S. Worden, founder of Renegade Jeet Kune Do, offers dynamic instruction in Filipino espada y daga methods and insights into the ranges of combat. Sambo expert Dr. Brett Jacques then reveals the secrets of using Sambo to put a decisive end to a fight. Finally, Joseph Simonet, certified instructor in both the Indonesian and Filipino martial arts, teaches rarely seen methods of silat stick fighting and shows how to integrate them with eskrima techniques for an unstoppable close-quarters stick system. This isn’t a triple threat -- it’s a triple promise. For information purposes only. Color, approx. 90 min. 
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Combatives Training DVD's
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JIM GROVERS COMBATIVES SERIES (DVD - NTSC/U.S. standard)   by Jim Grover, aka Kelly McCann 
  Jim Grover is a real-world operator who knows what works and what doesn’t from violent personal experience. In this exclusive three volume series, Grover presents step-by-step instruction in his easily learned, exceptionally brutal and effective system of hand-to-hand combat. Combining the best elements of combat-proven military combatives, hard-core street fighting and his distinctive in-your-face attitude, Grover covers every aspect of unarmed fighting, including basic strikes and kicks, combination sequences, realistic combat ground fighting and defenses against a variety of stand-up attacks. He also teaches you how to survive the scary world of close-range weapons, providing detailed instruction in unarmed defenses against knives and handguns and his combat-proven stick fighting system. As Jim Grover says, "The only dirty fight is the one you lose." Color, approx. 155 min. total. 2 disk set  
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CUTTING THE LINES (DVD, NTSC/U.S. standard) by Christopher Petrilli 
The Vicious Compression Locks of Doce Pares Eskrima 
  In his best-selling video set Crashing the Lines, 8th-degree Doce Pares eskrima black belt Christopher Petrilli taught you an unbeatable stick fighting system that went way beyond anything previously captured on video. Building on the information presented in that earlier effort, Cutting the Lines goes into greater detail, showing you a new series of locks, throws and chokes that will give you the upper hand no matter where you may find yourself in the thick of a fight. Petrilli’s instruction follows a logical progression from the lower part of the body (leg compressions), up to the arm and wrist to finger compressions, and ending at the neck, to include chokes. In addition, he teaches you how to access these locks from both the chaotic motion of a fight and from a standing position after you’ve softened up your opponent with some strikes. Petrilli also shows you how to perform these locks using the punyo, or butt end of the stick, and how to counter compressions with simple, fluid motions that allow you to redirect your opponent’s force into a more punishing lock or choke. For information purposes only. Color, approx. 180 min. total. A former U.S. Army Ranger, Christopher Petrilli studied Doce Pares eskrima under the legendary Grandmaster Ciriaco “Cacoy” Cañete. He is also an expert practitioner of Indonesian pentjak silat and Japanese aikido. 
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Knife Training & Combatives Books
Book Cover
COMBAT KNIFE THROWING, A New Approach To Knife Throwing And Knife Fighting, Revised And Updated by Ralph Thorn    Conventional wisdom among knife-fighting experts has it that knife throwing is a pursuit best left to circus performers, hillbilly theme park workers and hobbyists, and that it is useless for combat. In this update to his groundbreaking book, Ralph Thorn incorporates the very latest developments in equipment, theory, techniques and training to show why weapons throwing is even more suitable for actual combat today. Thorn, who has practiced his craft for decades, begins by showing you how to balance a knife for throwing, including an explanation of the recent discovery of the universal perfect balance point that maximizes the ability to eliminate rotation in oblong throwing weapons. Next, he shows you how to design and make your own throwing knives out of readily available materials, build targets and practice various combat throwing techniques, with an emphasis on both safety and accuracy. He then demonstrates the best overhand, underhand and sidearm throws, and discusses the situations where each style works best. The author also includes chapters on psychological and physical conditioning, hunting and recreational skills, and the newest developments in weapons throwing. This updated edition of Combat Knife Throwing should be read by every sportsman, knife aficionado and individual interested in self-defense. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, illustrated., 120 pp. 
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KNIFE FIGHTING by Michael D. Janich 
A Practical Course 
  Michael Janich has trained SF vets, police and street fighters in the techniques of knife fighting for years. Now this highly successful, comprehensive instruction is available to the average soldier, martial artist or defense-minded citizen who is interested in developing the practical skills required for today's combative streets. 
  As a student of knife fighting for many years who has trained with Special Forces vets, police, and street fighters, Michael Janich found that there was no one book that provided practical instruction that would allow a novice knife fighter to develop the skills required for today's combative streets. Some offered bits of useful information and a history of the art but failed to provide comprehensive instruction. Others demonstrated numerous individual techniques but never explained the concepts behind them. Still others did nothing more than criticize the teachings of other authors. This book fills in the gaps with pragmatic skills in the fundamentals of fighting with a knife. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, 108 pp. 
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STREET STEEL by Michael D. Janich 
Choosing and Carrying Self-Defense Knives 
  As gun control efforts mount, the knife has become the ideal self-defense weapon for many Americans. This book contains all the information you need to select and carry a knife that will conform to your style of dress, image and habits and thus serve you most effectively on the street. The best fighting knife in the world won't do you a bit of good if it's sitting at home when you're attacked. Only when you are perfectly comfortable carrying a weapon will you carry it consistently. Street Steel will help you make the right choice the first time so you can be sure your knife will be there when you need it most. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, 112 pp. 
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THE FIGHTING SWORD    Illustrated Techniques And Concepts by Dwight McLemore 
  The second in Dwight McLemore's Fighting Weapons series, The Fighting Sword began as a way for the author to chronicle his experience of commissioning a custom-made sword and then designing a training program to use with it. As he developed the sword-fighting concepts, techniques and combat scenarios for use with his sword, however, he realized that they could be adapted and used by anyone with a sword. McLemore brings the fighting sword to life with his unique style of dynamic drawing, seen also in his books on the Bowie knife and in The Fighting Tomahawk. First he gives a crash course in how to balance form and function in a sword and then focuses on tactical techniques and concepts. He teaches you how to train for a confrontation by using visualization and training partners, as well as how to instantly and accurately evaluate an opponent, his weapon, the terrain and environment, and your advantages or disadvantages in various combat scenarios. Following his precise instructions and skillfully rendered illustrations, you will learn how to master cuts, thrusts, blocks and parries, which you can then use for the more advanced techniques of disruption, working the inner circle and single-hand use. When it comes to fighting weapons, there is no better instructor than Dwight McLemore. 8 1/2" x 11", 266 pp. 
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  Bowie and Big-Knife Fighting System is a valuable training guide for anyone interested in large knives of any kind, early American history or bladework in general. In it, well-known fighting arts instructor, bladesman and Bowie aficionado Dwight McLemore provides insight into Jim Bowie, the “Bowie knife” and the fighting systems that have been associated historically with both. The author also explores the connections between the martial fighting styles of Europe and America, traces blade-fighting concepts throughout history and offers practical training drills for improving skills with big blades. This is a must-have book for many reasons, but it truly achieves its collector’s status with its detailed illustrations. The artwork, done by McLemore, is exceptional both for its beauty and its instructional value. Reminiscent of the best artwork from early fencing manuals, the 200+ pen-and-ink drawings are so skillfully executed that they vividly convey the movement of the training sequences. 11 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 240 pp. 
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The Finer Points of Fighting with a Large Knife 
  In Bowie and Big-Knife Fighting System author Dwight McLemore explored the history of James Bowie and the Bowie knife and laid out a basic fighting system for large blades. In Advanced Bowie Techniques, McLemore builds on this foundation, ratcheting up the instruction to teach you more complex fighting techniques with the Bowie knife. Using the same highly effective workbook format, McLemore pairs step-by-step instructions with realistic illustrations to make the fighting sequences come alive. His uncanny ability to convey subtle motion and movement in his drawings allows readers to fully understand and learn the dynamic art of knife fighting. Progressive drills combine techniques into sequences designed to show you how to maximize time, distance and movement to create openings for attacking or defending yourself against one or more opponents. 
Advanced Bowie Techniques is for anyone who wants to learn how to fight with a big blade or improve the skills he already has. 11 x 8 1/2, softcover, illus., 248 pp. 
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And the Men Who Made Them Famous 
  Paladin is pleased to reissue this classic book in the field of military battle knives. Allied Military Fighting Knives chronicles in detail the background, development and variations of both common and unusual combat knives. It also provides firsthand accounts by and in-depth interviews with the special operations troops who used them in battle, including U.S. Marine Raiders; U.S. Army Rangers; U.S., Canadian and British airborne units; the legendary Gurkhas; the First Special Service Force; such clandestine outfits as the OSS and SOE; and even officers who served in the Shanghai Municipal Police with W.E. Fairbairn and E.A. Sykes. In addition to its focus on military-issue blades, the book devotes comprehensive chapters to two of the leading private companies that provided knives to soldiers in all war zones - Ek and Randall. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 200 pp. 
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LOGIC OF STEEL by James LaFond 
A Fighter’s View of Blade and Shank Encounters 
  The sole purpose of this book is to capture the cold, hard, logical nature of edged-weapon encounters as experienced by the author and more than 90 other people. This analysis of more than 250 knife fights is told from the perspective of the attackers, eyewitnesses and victims and is broken down by weapon type and use patterns. The circumstances, motivations and mechanics of real-world blade and shank encounters are illuminated through the use of gripping (and sometimes comical) first-person accounts, photographs and hard stats. LaFond also examines the psychology, injury patterns and legal ramifications of knife fighting, as well as providing invaluable tips on preventing clinches and ground fighting from escalating into a knife fight, surviving unarmed against a blade-armed assailant, spotting a knifer and predicting his behavior, and assessing when it’s in your best interest to just run for your life. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, 248 pp. 
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SEVILLIAN STEEL by James Loriega 
The Traditional Knife-Fighting Arts of Spain 
  Here American ninjutsu master James Loriega presents the secrets of the three distinct styles of Sevillian Steel, the term for the weapons and fighting systems that originated and evolved in Andalusian Spain. His focus here is on the blade most associated with Spain and the one used in the practice of Sevillian Steel: the navaja — an elegant folding knife that took its classic shape in the 17th century. Through photos, rare historical illustrations and colorful stories, Spain’s rich history of blade-handling comes alive in this book, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in knives, knife-fighting, European martial arts or Spanish culture. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, illus., 184 pp. 
  James Loriega is the founder of the New York Ninpokai, the city’s premier training academy for the traditional arts of ninjutsu. In 1990, while conducting ninjutsu seminars in Spain, he discovered the acero sevillano knife arts of Andalusia. He began spending summers in Seville learning the intricacies of these arts and in 1996 became certified as an instructor de Armas Blancas Sevillanas under Maestro de Armas Santiago Rivera, then headmaster of the Escuela Sevillana de Armas Blancas. At this time he also completed his first translation of Manual del Baratero. Since 1996, Loriega has operated a recognized branch of the Escuela Sevillana in New York City known as the Raven Arts Institute. In 2000, he was formally acknowledged as a maestro de Armas Blancas Sevillanas. 
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How to Survive a Real Knife Fight 
  Knife fighting is ugly business, so you'd better know what you're doing if you ever find yourself in one. This book will show you the down-and-dirty reality of knife fighting, from choosing the best knife to devious street tricks commonly used to get in the first strike. 
  This book is a classic that is written in a down-to-earth style with no BS. It is very in tune with what really happens in blade encounters. Here is an excerpt for example: "A real good way to tell if something is wrong is, if a person is hiding something, most times his hand will be stiff in an odd way. Spend a day or two watching the way people's hands move when they're walking. It's kind of a stringy bouncy motion that's always changing. Then have a friend walk while carrying something concealed- the hand doesn't move." 
5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, illus, 128 pp. 
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