Paracord (also called parachute cord or 550 cord) is a lightweight nylon rope originally used in World War II US parachutes. It is now used as a general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians. It is used for both survival and decorative purposes, and often knotted or braided into compact shapes such as jewelry or lanyards. 
Paracord and Type 1 Accessory Cord For Sale 
61 Colors, Camos, & Reflectives! 
Highest quality paracord sold here! New Type 1 cord in stock now! 
550 Paracord is ideal for wrapping those old knives, machetes, Japanese swords, and camp shovels that are laying around your shop. 
Got a blade that has a handle too small for your mitt? Wrap a layer of cord over the handle and get some life out of it. 
Hanks are great to keep for hiking, camping, fishing.  
550 Paracord is hard to find in most areas, especially colors 
Hanks are wound and secured with a twist tie so you can toss them into your bug-out bag or hang on your backpack. 
Parachute cord is a must in your survival gear bag! Great for hanging tarps!  
Much misinformation exists on the web concerning rating. In order to clarify, the chart below should help:  
450 Type 2 Paracord
~ 450 Lb.
4 strands tight nylon
550 Type 3 Paracord
~ 550 Lb.
7 strands tight nylon
650 Nylon Paraline
~ 325 Lb.
4+ strands fluffy nylon
MIL-C-5040C Type 3
550 Lb. !
7 strands tight nylon
The 650 Nylon Paraline, depending on color, is rated between 300 - 350 Lbs. It may have 4 or more cores to create the proper diameter.  
NEW- View the MIL-C-5040C Spec Here ! (click "back" to return here) 
550 & 650 Cord is approx. 3/16th inch diam. but can be compressed
Camo Paracord
Reflective Paracord
  Military Paracord 
Type 1 Accessory Cord is NOW IN STOCK- 
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1000 Foot Rolls
100 Foot Hanks
Out of stock- 1000' rolls of 550: Electric Blue, Hidden Camo, OD, Black Widow, Brown Camo Blend, White, Reflective Neon Orange, Copperhead, ACU, Charcol Gray, Imperial Red, Reflective Black, Black, Acid Purple, Reflective Red, Midnight Blue, Dark Brown, Orange You Happy, Black. 650 Black.
Out of stock- 100' hanks of 550: Brown Camo Blend, Electric Blue, Neon Yellow Green, Reflective Neon Orange, White, Copperhead, Reflective Black, OD, Midnight Blue, Black. 650 Dark Green, Dark Brown. 
Tip: Colors are listed in the same sequence shown in the pictures starting with the upper left, upper right, lower left, etc.
Note: Out of stock items 'Buy Now' buttons are hidden till restocked.
10 years of sampling 550 paracord, 650 paraline, and parachute cord from other manufacturers has convinced us to remain with our original USA manufacturer who produces very high quality product. We could use and sell imported or poorly made domestic parachute cord for much less but the quality is questionable and we refuse to sell junk! Repeat customers know they get the same quality and consistent colors every time they order- not product from whoever gave us the best deal. 
The cord you buy from us is the same we use to make our own training quipment and we are very critical on quality.
NEW: Type 1 Accessory Cord (aka Small Diameter Paracord; made with the same materials). 1/16th inch diam. w/ 1 internal yarn. 100 pound rating. 
Type 1 Accessory Cord 
100 Foot Rolls
Type 1 Cord
Type 1 Cord
Type 1 Cord
Type 1 Cord
Colors are listed in the same sequence shown in the pictures.   Note: Lilac is a Limited Edition cord. 
Dark Brown & Neon Yellow are new Type 1 Accessory Cord additions. Colors are exactly the same as shown in the paracord above. 
Large Reflective Paracord Image
We now carry 11 colors of Reflective 550 Paracord ! 
Top Half : daylight view.   Bottom Half : nighttime with headlight.  
Great for safety wrist bands, key fobs, shoe laces, & campsite rigging. 
High Quality Scotch 3M reflective tracers are embedded in the weave.  
•  May 2012: Type 1 Accessory Cord is here: A great new option for jewelry or bracelet makers. While this is not paracord, its origins are similar. Originally used by the military for attaching accessories to your field pack or for quick repairs where you did not need the strength of 550 paracord. Our supplier is the same as the 550 cord so the colors, yarns, and internal single core is the same as the 550. Weave in really cool 'tracers' in your bracelets to set them apart. Jewelry makers- now you have great color options in a smaller diameter, highly flexible, 100 pound test that you can use with fine clasps and small hardware. 
•  May 2012: Hardware ?? Well, we have been on the fence for quite a while debating on carrying hardware. We have looked at the China importers and the cost is really cheap. We just had the discussion again and the one thing that keeps us from going forward is that the importers switch up on you what they ship without warning. We know several resellers that have dealt with this issue and we just don't want the headache. As a manufacturer of training knives and a large end user ourselves of paracord, we like knowing excatly where our supplies are coming from- surprises are not good in this industry. For those of you that are looking for a really wide selection of hardware and other cool supplies, we highly recommend Seattle Fabrics for good customer service and consistent product that arrives as shown in the picture. Or... go straight to the buckles to avoid searching: Seatle Fabrics Buckles. 
 Feb. 2012: Check this out: I was browsing today and ran across an artist that makes beautiful jewelry with paracord. It is so different that I thought it was worth adding a link to her site: Take a look & you will have a lot of new ideas to explore: Wear Art By Julie.    Also, take a look at the whips made on this site; really nice color combinations: Alpine Whips 
• Feb. 2012: You must be kidding? Did you know that ~ 4 years ago there were about 6 web based companies selling 550 paracord? Now there must be 200+. I get a chuckle out of the creative names that have popped up- I'm sure there must be a '' somewhere or coming soon. Late last year I saw a company selling 'Made in USA 550 Paracord' for something like $5.79/ 100 feet with free shipping and I almost fell over. So many new companies are fighting for that market now it is amusing to watch. We know they are actually losing money (sort of the 'loss leader' concept in Marketing 101) to gain market share. I'm making the assumption that they are buying the cheapest stuff they can find also- have to be. I wonder how many of these companies will be around in the future? I know that the original 6 will still be because their business is not built around just cord. It will be interesting to watch. 
Application Tips 
On the Left :  550 Type 3 Paracord (black sheath) 
On the Right :  650 Nylon Paraline (red sheath) 
The outer sheath is the same. The inner strands change between 550 paracord and 650 paraline. Why? Some makers of jewelry and zipper pulls prefer the fluffy core of 650 paraline. It has more 'body'. Now, in reality, if you are making items such as wrist bands, key fobs, or knife handles, specifically where the cord is pulled tight, you will never be able to tell the difference. You can only notice the difference when the cord is used loosely such as in a pendant worn around the neck.  
 Most makers are using 550 type for fobs, monkey fists, and wrist bands. The 550 cord strength and fine stranding for emergency use is a big plus. For this reason, most of the new colors we are stocking will be of the 550 type.  
USA made by a certified supplier for the United States Government. 
We DO NOT sell military surplus cord that has been sitting in a warehouse for 20 years shriveling up and changing color.
We carry the 2 most versatile types of paracord and paraline used for non-critical applications (non-critical = not jumping out of a plane): 
• 650 Nylon Paraline is used on most TAK Training Knives. It can also be used for hiking, camping duties, lanyards, shoe & boot laces, zipper pulls, or key fobs. The fluffy cores melt together easier and cleaner than the 550 paracord so if you are making the above items, this is a good choice. Melt the ends with a standard lighter. If you want to eliminate the 'ball' at the end, keep a dish of water close and dip your fingers in it before 'pulling' the ends straight while it is cooling. 
• 550 Type 3 Paracord is preferred for survival kits primarily due to the tightly wound 7 strands and higher strength rating. They are more suited for making fishing lures & lines, emergency first aid, creating lean-tos, hoisting food in trees at camp sites, repairing tears or rips. Although you can seal the ends with a standard lighter, it will create a 'head' of melted material. To get a cleaner end, use a micro torch set to fine flame to quickly sear the paracord.  
- - - The following statements concerning MIL-C-5040 vs. 550 Type 3 are claimed ONLY FOR OUR MANUFACTURER  - - - 
The difference between 550 Type 3 and MIL-C-5040 Type 3 is the testing. 550 Type 3 is spot checked for manufacturing quality for non-critical applications. MIL-C-5040 Type 3 undergoes strict testing and record keeping on each batch and is used for critical applications. 
Other than the testing and the internal tracer, there is no difference between 550 Type 3 Paracord and MIL-C-5040 Type 3 Paracord. 
The outer sheath is the same material for both 450, 550, 650 and Mil-spec versions. If you plan on de-coring the paracord, it doesn't make any difference which type you use. 
Again, these statements are claimed ONLY FOR OUR MANUFACTURER. We DO NOT shop around for the best price or for whoever has cord on the shelf when we run out. We have been using the same manufacturer for 10 years and this is one of the reasons why - HIGH QUALITY! 
• Bug Out Bag Tip: So what color Paracord do you put in your bug out bag? Answer: You should carry 2 colors of the 550 type. 
First Color: you want a Paracord that will blend in with the background in case you are trying to hide food high in a tree, make a trip line, or rig a discreet lean-to (in other words- you don't want to be found). One of the greenish camouflage colors or Olive Drab works well in most cases. 
Second Color: you want a Paracord that will get someone's attention in case of an emergency where you want to be found or if you are just camping and don't want the family 'clothslining' themselves every time they walk thought the campsite. Reflective Neon Orange or Reflective Neon Yellow is ideal for this application.